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Wireless Integrated Smoke & CO Alarms!

The benefits of a hardwired alarm system, home safety network, without the cost and hassle of having to retrofit wiring in your home. First Alert Wireless Interconnect alarms talk to each other and they talk to you!

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WaterProof & Fire Resistant Safes

Don't let an unexpected disaster ruin your important documents and valuables. First Alert Fire, Water and Anti-Theft Safes are the perfect solution.

Photoelectric Smoke/Fire Alarms

Time is everything when it comes to smoke and fire detection. Photoelectric fire alarms and smoke detectors are quicker at sensing smoldering and smoky fires to help you protect what matters most.
Featured Items:

Atom Alarm Micro Design Long Life Smoke Alarm
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Combo Alarm Photoelectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide
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Combo Lock Safe Waterproof & Fire Resistant Safe
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Water Alarm Helps protect against water damage.
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Escape Ladder Easy to use two-story, 14-foot
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ONELINK Alarms Interconnect several alarms
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Reliable and Innovative Safety Products:

Choosing a First Alert branded product means you're partnering with the most trusted leader of the home safety category. First Alert's mission is to help protect the lives, well-being and valuables of their customers. First Alert Store offers products with a sense of preparedness and assurance that enable a higher quality of life. First Alert is recognized as the most reliable and innovative in the business and the consumers #1 destination for fire and home safety information.

First Alert Smoke Alarms:

First Alert offers several smoke alarm options to help you find the perfect alarm to fit your needs. The most important component of any smoke alarm is the sensor, which detects smoke in different ways. First Alert offers both Ionization smoke alarms and Photoelectric smoke alarms. Ionization Smoke Alarms are best at detecting fast flaming fires. Ionization smoke detectors are ideal for bedrooms and basements and are generally the less expensive option. Photoelectric Smoke Alarms are best at detecting slow smoldering fires. Photoelectric smoke detectors are ideal for hallways near kitchens and bathrooms, as the photoelectric technology greatly reduces false alarms. Protect what matters most and keep peace of mind with a reliable First Alert Smoke Alarm from the First Alert Store.

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